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don dirt

Welcome back


Nobody does it better than u guys


thank you for the best incense ever .will definitly order again and it did get here in 3 days good products finally after wasting a boatload of money on acetone soaked other stuff mostly counterfeit any way thanx again have a good week


Hi Hollie and the lovely ladies of Aroma Superstore, remember me? I’m back to check out the new site, and I’d love to hear from you to explain how I use this new liquid product you have!!! Thank you, as always, you ladies aew awesome, and I have really missed you!!!❤️❤️❤️Call me!!!


You & your products are outstanding!!


Officaly impressed


I live the products and love the costumer service. My new main store thank you!


Just wanted to ad to all the positive comments above. This site is great, the products top of the line, and GREAT customer service, something sorely lacking in this industry. This company is my number 1 source from now on!
Ms User Abuser


tried many other sites some good some not, this is by far the best. express is here in one day regular priority in two, I even did a test I compared this product with same name product from another site, although the other product was good this was much better and lasted longer.,. thanks guys


ya these gals are the shit


Good to do bussiness with peole you can trust. Thanks for the communication.


I’m so glad ya’ll are back


Placed order late Friday and received early Monday? And great produce at that! Kudos to you folks and your work, certainly have a repeat customer here!


Is it discreet shipping? Do you ship to louisiana?

SuperStore Manager





All I can say is WOW!!! Very impressed!! Your product is now better than ever. Thanks for all your hard work and I will make more orders soon!!


Best ever


I love this site never been disappointed since reopening keep it up 4 ever loyal constumer


Welcome back! Y’all are the best!


Thank you guys and welcome back ;)….Holly how r u?


Find us some dream catcher please

SuperStore Manager

Assuming that’s a blend name ? Will look into it for ya. :)


I’m so glad you’re back up, but I sure miss those clearance sales!!! Any chance any of those will ever be returning?

SuperStore Manager

Thank You , Yes we are working on rolling out some new items / categories


What is the reasoning of having to sign for the package back before the ingredients had to change i never had to sign for my order is there anyway this can be a no signature required possible cause I am an out of town worker and never home to sign


All shipments require signature to ensure that the individual ordering does in fact receive their package rather than it being left unattended in a mailbox AND also to ensure that someone over 18 years old is placing orders.


I live in Tennesse if i place my order right now and pay extra for express will i still get it tomorrow.

SuperStore Manager

All I can assure you is that if ordered by 1pm EST Monday – Saturday, It WILL be shipped the same day!, As far as how long it takes that can vary depending on the transit involved with delivery and handling times and so on, However we do provide tracking when items are shipped!.



I live in Alabama and will receive in 3 days or pay extra and get in 1or 2 days.


You guys are 5 star great, like always! Best site on the net!


how much just standard shipping

SuperStore Manager

We currently only offer the two shipping options listed, Sorry for the inconvenience this time.


you guys are amazing!!! ordered yesterday and arrived today! excellent service and product. I will definitely be returning. thank you so much!


you should do 3 gram bags @ bring back points i know just myself have already spent around a 100dollers .anyways you have really good products I did an experiment and put your product and another similar one and your stuff is definetly the best out there No more sore throat and no bags smelling like nail polish .have a good week @ when i get some paper will place another order .thank you.

SuperStore Manager

points will be back , it’s on the todo list! 😉 I’ll personally keep you informed of progress and when it’s finally ready to go live.. :) Have a great day.


This is a one stop shop. Do not waste your time and money anywhere else. Always quality.


I have not ordered from you since you reopened.Your prices are right on but,why don’t you have discounted products like before,and why not give us a choice of either,gold,platinum,silver.I need to have a better choice.When you come back with choices,I’ll be back,otherwise I will continue ordering from someone in Florida which I receive in 2 days for 9.95 shipping.

SuperStore Manager

It’s in the works… We will be adding some deals in the near future. In the meantime you could contact support and I’m sure they’d be willing to help you with a onetime coupon code or something of that nature.

Have a great day!.


You should just place a small order and check I out the updated products. For the prices and the product. …. REALLY DON’T THINK YOU CAN GO WRONG. Several of us order together and we ALL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PRODUCT.


Well I finally made a order , your 1 gr bags are a great idea that way we can see and try your new products, I won’t lie I have found two nice companies that have good products and good deals so I really wasn’t in a hurry to experiment with 5gr bags , I’m like the guy above I miss the choice with platinum,gold, etc etc but with the 1 g bags I haveyou a shot . I’ll let you know when I get my order in.!!!

SuperStore Manager

thanks for your input / feedback .. we are in the works of getting other “lines” in stock. ie: gold, platinum, diamond


So I placed a order at 1245 pm est yesterday. I still have not received any tracking info on this does that mean it has not shipped? This is my 1st order with this website so I don’t know how it all works.

SuperStore Manager

order was shipped same day ……. i emailed you the tracking.
Have a great day!


Try any of the bizarro!! I got my mango bizarro opened it up i took 3 smells from the bag and the aroma is soooo good you get so relaxed way to go ladies any other sites doesnt even come close this is in a class all its own. Customer service top notch Hollie is awesome thx for helping and replacing that you didnt have to do that and you did! Loyal happy customer here!!


Ever going to bring back “heavens grass”?

SuperStore Manager

Yes Sir , It will be rolling out very shortly … Was one that has been on the list to get done.


So Happy your back!!!! You were missed..I’ve checked out some others sites…. NOBODY’S EVEN CLOSE!!!! looking forward to trying some old FAVORITES.
I STARTED with a $120.00 order(free shipping) just to check you guys out. Most IMPRESSIVE……. couldn’t be more pleased with the PRODUCTS, PRICES, & THE SERVICE……. Keep up the GOOD WORK Ladies.


The products on this website are great!


Yall seem pretty awesome. Glad to see some recent comments and feedback. Just placed a small order. I’ll be back if everything works out.


Thanks Hollie for all your help. I will be making more orders soon!!!!


You guys are freakin awesome. Will be placing more orders with you soon! By the way, any chance you could get Snoop Dogg? It has been pretty difficult to find! Thanks!


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fuck you i was actually giving a good comment

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